Saturday, April 2, 2011

High waist pencil skirt

My latest creation is Vogue 8697. I am not usually drawn to high waisted garments, but I keep reading they are a good look for petites and I liked the detail on this one so I gave it a go.

The fabric is a black Italian stretch wool (I think by Ralph Lauren) purchased from Gorgeous Fabrics. A slight stretch works really well for this skirt as it is quite fitted by design.

For once I actually lined something! I used a beautiful silk cotton from Sckafs in Brisbane. It is very soft and light like voile and beautiful to wear. I think it's my new favourite fabric! I've already bought more to line the wool dress I am currently making.

Design changes I made include using an invisble zipper and adding a vent instead of a slit. I used the Cupcake Goddess' tutorial for creating a vent. This went well until I forgot to cut the vent in the lining. Whoops. So the inside isn't as fancy as it could be, but it's fine.

I cut a size 8 and took the skirt up 7cm at the petite line, but for some reason the vent only ended up being 7cm long. This is fine since the fabric stretches, but it's not as long as they usually are. I should have measured this better before cutting. Oh well... This obviously would not be an issue if you used a slit.

I really liked all the top stitching on this skirt. To get all the seams to line up I recommend tacking the skirt, otherwise they may not line up perfectly. This is a pet peeve of mine and I just end up redoing them. For me, tacking saves time in the end.

This is a nice skirt to sew and wear. In fact, it's probably my favourite one so far.