Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cynthia Steffe Vogue 1174

I made this dress for a work Christmas party last year. I really wanted to wear something pretty and summery and Vogue's 1174 by Cynthia Steffe fit the bill perfectly. Plus you can’t over eat in this dress with all the boning – in fact breathing is difficult – so I looked skinny the whole time. Hooray.

I found this 100% cotton fabric at Fabric Frenzy on the Gold Coast and fell in love with it and knew it would be perfect for this dress. I love the floral pattern on the original but this is in pink. Yay! The piping is made from a pink cotton bought from Spotlight.

I really like the short version of this dress (although I suspect it just looks short because the model is a giant) and made mine shorter. Plus I think short dresses look better on me anyway.

I changed the design a bit by piping around the top of the dress. I think this makes the bodice look more complete. I also used piping cord which is not part of the original design as it gives the piping more structure. The piping along the top meant I changed the inside. I didn’t do the foundation and just did a lining for the bodice. I didn't bother lining the skirt.

I made the casings for the boning in the seam allowance of the lining which differs from the original. I don't think you can even buy covered boning in Brisbane so I had to change this bit of the pattern anyway. I also removed the boning from the sides as it made the dress sit funny when I moved.

Other design changes I made include taking a good 10cm off the length. I took about 3cm off the bodice around the boobs as the original was too big for mine. I also removed about 2cm from the bodice at the waist. I am a fan of fitting as I go and this is what it needed for me.

I am so pleased with this dress. It's gorgeous and I love it even though it is very tight.


  1. Very pretty dress. Perfectly summery!

  2. This dress looks lovely on you. The piping against the fabric is gorgeous.