Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cynthia Steffe Vogue 1150

I've made a couple of things lately but this is only one I actually have some photos of, so I'll start with it. I loved this Vogue pattern when I first saw it and after seeing Amanda S' here and here, I had to make it.

I find double knits (which I consider a Queensland winter fabric) quite hard to come by in Brisbane. To prove my point about winter, these photos were taken on my way to the Sex and the City 2 premiere a couple of weeks back in June! I love Queensland...

Anyway, I bought this rayon blend double knit in bright blue from Gorgeous Fabrics. I love this colour as it part way between blue and purple depending on what hold it up against. This was also my first purchase of fabric online from the US. The Aussie dollar to US dollar has been so good lately, a girl has to take advantage! The colour made choosing buttons difficult and I didn't want to go with black. I found these cute sparkly buttons for 79c each at Lincraft and they matched perfectly, although I am unsure of whether they are slightly too small? I think I also need to move them down a bit, which I can still do (read on...)

The fabric was ok to sew on my old Singer machine, which can be quite temperamental when it comes to stretch. The topstitching worked fine except just above the hem band, which I ended up unpicking and leaving. I have not been able to sew the buttonholes either as every trial one failed miserably. The buttons are therefore decoration only until I find a workaround or buy a new machine!

I found the pattern pretty straight forward. I did not have any issues with the instructions and I liked how the pockets came together. I cut an 8 at the top and graded to a 10 on the hips. The alterations I made include taking the bodice up 2.5cm on the petite adjustment line and I followed Amanda's adjustments and used an 18cm invisible zipper and included a CB seam. I would like to make a garment with a metallic zipper at some point but I didn't think this was the dress. Usually I have to knock a good 10cm off the hem but this length worked out perfect for me being only 152cm tall. Yay!

Please excuse the un-ironed look. I was driving before these photos were taken.


  1. OMG, I think I love you! Here I am doing the happy dance because a Petite made this pattern (which I covet so badly) and then I actually read your post and we are only 1cm apart in height. How cool is that???

    I'm sooo going to copy everything you make, LOL, you've been warned!!!

    PS. Would you mind editing your PR profile to add Petite in it? I'm sure other members would like to know this capital info. TIA.

  2. Ooh the pressure! But we both live somewhere hot and are pretty much the same height, so this could work quite well.

    I will need to get better at getting photos.